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The Process

“We appreciate all the effort, energy and enthusiasm you applied towards our National Sales Meeting. Our teambuilding event was by far the most amazing event we’ve ever done and everyone is still talking about it.  From start to finish, every single detail was handled with an amazing level of professionalism and excellence.  There is absolutely no way we could have done it without you!”

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At Florida Destinations & Incentives, we strongly believe that a clearly defined process, both practical and flexible, is important to the success of any event.  Our process is tried and true and based on our years of experience.  The following is a very high level overview of what to expect.

Before the overall meeting or event destination has been selected

The Planner is concerned about making the right choice of hotel or city for the meeting or event.  This decision is impacted by the selection of activities or event venues available at the destination, the ease of planning and logistics, and the unique options that will make that site the right choice for the meeting or event.

FDI Event Managers are frequently called upon at this time to "paint a picture" of what the destination has to offer and bring the options to life.

After the overall meeting or event destinations has been selected

The Planner has a rough idea of meeting or event agenda but is…

  • Struggling to find creative ideas that will wow guests.
  • Concerned about staying in budget.
  • Stressed about the time it takes to uncover all the options available.
  • Frustrated with past suppliers that did not deliver as promised.

The Planner and FDI Event Manager paint a picture together

  • Needs are explored
  • Concepts are discussed
  • Suggestions are made
  • Proposals are submitted
  • Revisions if necessary
  • Confirmation of only those elements that fit need

FDI Event Manager maintains 24-hour availability and communication with all persons involved.  They are ready to take action on any last minute client need, change, or emergency.

  • FDI Event Manager fully coordinates logistics & implementation of the contracted elements. 
  • FDI Event Manager is just steps away during the entire meeting or event; ensuring timeliness, professionalism and attention to detail.
  • FDI Event Manager conducts a post-event review with the Planner.
Contact a Florida Destinations representative today and learn how your team can benefit from our local knowledge and experience.
With our 24-Hour On-Call Service, 5-Point Quality Assurance Program, and 3 Offices in the Bay Area, successful events are guaranteed!
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